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Our background

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The XEFI group’skey phases  

1997 – 2002

The XEFI group starts and develops on a clientele of private individuals and very small companies. Its business is that of an assembler. Its ambitions: proximity and customer service.


2003 – 2009

The group is modeling its concept of a local agency, a true one-stop shop for its customers, which combines technical and commercial skills.


2010 – 2014

Creation of the first datacenter and launch of local cloud services, accessible to all. The number of agencies multiplies.


2014 – 2019

The development of local agencies is intensifying with the deployment of franchises. The leading position of IT and office automation among small and medium-sized businesses is unquestionably confirmed throughout France. Opening up to the international market.


Depuis 2020

The acquisition of new skills within the group allows the multiplication of service offers and an even more interesting quality/price ratio for customers. International development is becoming more and more strategic for the group.


A technology pioneer

The Datacenters of the XEFI group 

XEFI has owned its own data centre in the Rhône-Alpes region of France since 2013, offering hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, larger companies with up to 5,000 employees and government bodies.

Built in partnership with Schneider Electric, the NEXEREN latest-generation Datacenters have a scalable architecture enabling them to adapt to constant technological changes.

By opting for hosting in our data centres, you can reduce your environmental footprint and optimise the consumption of the IT resources required to host your information system.

Our teams of engineers and qualified technicians manage and administer your IT infrastructure, ensuring 99.98% availability.

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The certifications  of our Datacenters 

HDS certification ensures the confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability of health data.

A standard that ensures the security and management of information to guarantee its confidentiality.

This certification underscores our commitment to the ongoing development of data management systems of the highest environmental quality.

This certification guarantees to future customers hosted in the Datacenter that the delivered installations are in conformity with the initial design.

Our Tier 3 certified datacenter has multiple circuits for power and cooling and multiple systems in place for upgrades.

This certification validates the security of payment cardholders’ banking data and facilitates the adoption of uniform security measures worldwide.

Developing theXEFI franchise  

For over 20 years, XEFI has been cultivating its expertise to become the leading partner in the IT equipment and services for small and medium-sized business market.
Buoyed by this success, XEFI designed, developed and modelled an effective and innovative concept to be rolled out as a franchise.

Our first local franchise branch opened in 2015 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Since then, over 110 local branches have joined the franchise network, offering turnkey solutions covering all the IT, office, software and Cloud requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

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