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SHD, XEFI's Data Center receives HADS approval

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NEXEREN, the Datacenters subsidiary of the XEFI group, is now an approved Health Data Host.

Our data centers are among the most efficient and secure in France!
Issued by ASIP Santé (the French agency for digital health), the HDS accreditation is the result of a long process that mobilized our teams for many months. This accreditation, which is known to be the most difficult to obtain, is the reward for years of investment, both in terms of human and financial resources.

Our datacenter, which was built at the end of 2013, is now certified :

  •  ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
  •  ISO 27001: Security of information systems
  • TIER III DESIGN DOCUMENTS certification issued by Uptime Institute
  • TIER III CONSTRUCTED FACILITY certification issued by Uptime Institute: we are now the only French datacenter to offer such a guaranteed level of availability!
  •  HEALTH ACCREDITATION (Authorized host of personal health data)!
  • PCI DSS (Payment card data protection)

We accompany many customers on solutions such as hosting, business software, data backup, disaster recovery…

This service supports the growth of the group in its strong development with many sectors of activity but our offer with the medical sector was limited for lack of having the approval.

Health Data Hosting Approval for our Datacenters

Today, our data centers are among the few French players to have such approval.
Our solutions cover two areas: physical infrastructure hosting services and value-added hosting services with customer IS integration.
The healthcare sector in France is constantly changing.
We want to adapt to all these changes to guarantee a complete offer.
Health data is sensitive and access to it is regulated by law to protect the rights of individuals. Consequently, the hosting of this data must be carried out under security conditions adapted to its criticality.
All medical establishments are affected: hospitals, laboratories, care establishments, industrial companies, but also medical imaging or innovative companies for example.

With this approval, we have chosen to offer private and public sector professionals a highly secure data processing.
In addition to data backup, our objective is also to guarantee the restoration of this information in case of attacks.
An entire infrastructure is deployed to guarantee the security of personal data.

This is an opportunity for our group to expand its offerings and to position itself on a market outside of France since the approval is based on a European standard.