Réunion starter 2024 : XEFI annonce les nouveaux objectifs
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Présentation de la réunion starter 2024 XEFI

More than 2,000 people attended the XEFI STARTER 2024 meeting!

January 9th – XEFI STARTER 2024 Meeting: Kickoff of the New Year!

All employees, franchisees, and partners of the XEFI Group gathered to celebrate the new year and review the past year. In total, more than 2,000 people were present, with 1,200 in person and 800 remotely.

On the agenda:

  • Review of the 2023 projects
  • Projection of the 2024 objectives
  • Reminder of the group’s medium and long-term ambitions

This meeting marks the start of an exciting and challenging year with multiple upcoming projects.

A big congratulations to the hosts and the event team who ensured the smooth running of our back-to-school meeting!

Trophées de récompense remis lors de la réunion de rentrée 2024