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The XEFI archiving offer

325 SHD Civrieux Copie

XEFI optimizes your storage

Long-term storage to archive your data securely.

  • Space saving

Global data volume doubles every three years. Save on storage costs by sorting your hot and cold data.

  • Convenience

Moving your data to your archive is seamless: you choose which data to archive and can view the list of items.

  • Supervision 

You manage your archiving! But you are always accompanied by our supervision team if needed.

  • Regulations

Some documents (pay slips, annual accounts…) have a legal retention period and are never modified! It is better to archive them.

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Optimized archiving to be serene on a daily basis


Keep your archives secure: replication included and hosting in certified datacenters


Don’t wait to recover your data; you have control over archiving and recovery


Be sure of your critical data storage, with a trusted partner